The first co-operation with Thierry Henriette was in 1995 for the Boxer 654 Scrambler. This was a show bike based on an Aprilia 650 single with a chassis designed by Trevor Fior. Styling was a modern interpretation of the classic sixties scrambler, and included unusual metal inserts on the tank - a theme immediately picked up by Cagiva for their N1/Planet, recently redesignated the 125 Raptor.

The association continued for several years after the 654, first with the Voxan-based Scrambler for the 1997 Paris show, a model that was lightly restyled for production by Voxan's in-house designer Stephane Valdant. However, a more significant model was to emerge for the 1999 show - the supersports VB-1, which was a mixture of design ideas from both Glynn and Thierry. Production of the VB-1 has also recently been taken over by the rejuvenated Voxan, although the design has been watered down a little for mass production.

The final co-operation with Boxer was the B2, a naked bike based once more around the Voxan v-twin engine. Whereas the Scrambler and VB-1 shared the Alain Chevallier -designed Voxan frame, the B2 went its own way with a dedicated chassis, which became an integral part of the design. Shown with new colours for 2003, plans to produce the B2 have now been dropped.